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True Tantra

::: A massage to recover your life force :::

• A Tantric massage (Ancient Sacred Touch) is defined as a conscious touch, which activates and stimulates the energy - otherwise known as the Life Force - throughout the entire body.

• It is a full body massage, that doesn't focus on, or exclude, any body part. Breathing is an important part of this massage, and the masseuse will coach you in the breathing pattern during the session.

• The aim is to take charge of your sexual energy and combine it with your Life Force to open up your whole body as a sensual and erogenous area, enabling you to be aware of, and in control of, your own sexual energy.

• The massage experience involves some Tantric rituals, some meditation and then we use warm oil, incense, candlelight and sensual music to help you fully relax into the massage, to become completely aware of your body and your senses, leaving you feeling very relaxed but charged with energy and in harmony with the world around you.

• Clients who want to learn more, can attend several massage sessions, progressing through a wider range of Tantric practices to develop their experience and widen their knowledge of the art of Tantra.

• Tantra is an ancient philosophy, originating over 4000 years ago in the Far East. It gives us the ability to reconnect with our senses, become more aware of our physical bodies, and to discover, manage and use the natural energy within us.

• Some of the benefits of practising Tantra are heightened sensual awareness, a feeling of confidence and empowerment, and an ability to extend and control our sexual energy, allowing us to enjoy our bodies more. In the Western world, we live mostly in our heads - always thinking about what we are doing, where we are going - Tantra gives us the ability to bring mind and body together.

* This is not a Neotantric approach !!! Meanning there is a healing target on this session and in any circumstance there is a sexual connotation .

I have my practice 10 min. from Central Station
You can book from 9.30 am until 10 pm the last appointment.

You can choose:

- One hour "Deep Tissue Massage with Tantra Techniques"...60 euros
- One hour 20 minutes " Synergetic Tantra Session "... 80 euros
- Two hour full Tantra Experience.... 2 hours ...120 euros

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Soort(en) massage

  • Ancient Sacred Touch
  • Holistic-Pulsing
  • holos massagetherapie
  • Klassieke en energetische massages
  • Triggerpointtherapie

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